TXP Make

PHP in templates is so last decade


  • Who is Donald Swain?

    On Wednesday, we mark 10 years of Donald Swain commenting “I enjoy your site very much”. But who is this Mr. Donald Swain, and why was he picked as the very first commenter on Textpattern?


  • Where's Dean?

    My hope is that we either gain ownership of the domains from Dean, or we just register a new set of domain names and put redirects at the old ones.


  • Textpattern, still my favorite

    On my ninth year of using Textpattern, nothing else appears on the horizon to challenge that.


  • Well, how did I get here?

    Arrived at Textpattern CMS on November 29, 2005, by way of the Nucleus CMS project.


  • A kinder, gentler Textpattern

    Early this year on January 24, I sent an email to this list laying out my plans to mod the core so as to make it easier for template installation.