TXP Make

PHP in templates is so last decade


  • My Search for a CMS

    Slides from Jim Heil’s SlideShare on his 2 year search for a CMS.


  • TXP Legal Entity

    Many people have expressed the desire for a formal entity to allow for, amongst other things, purchase of domains by the entity rather than by an individual, clearer representation of Textpattern and more structured future growth.


  • Zem Themes

    Alex Shiels, aka Zem, had a prototype TXP Themes implementation back in April of 2007.


  • GitHub is ablaze

    “A successful company always needs to improve and adjust to changed market environments.”


  • Who is Donald Swain?

    On Wednesday, we mark 10 years of Donald Swain commenting “I enjoy your site very much”. But who is this Mr. Donald Swain, and why was he picked as the very first commenter on Textpattern?