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2 Col Portfolio

2 Col Portfolio is a two column portfolio template for Bootstrap created by Start Bootstrap.


Note: This download was provided as a proof of concept, it’s a distribution method which requires steps on my end to package, upload, you get the picture. So I’ve decided, as these Themes are a work in progress, to provide links to the Page, Style and Forms in the footer of each Theme demo.
Just copy/paste into your site’s Presentation section.


  • Bootstrap framework needs to be installed in the Themes folder.
  • hcg_themes for installing the Pages, Forms and Styles, or you may opt for copy/paste.


  • Leading spaces trimmed, making it easier to work with Pages and Forms in a textarea.
  • Forms utilized to break out repetitive code, like head and footer sections.
  • The original design is included in case you bork it.


  • /files
  • /images
  • /textpattern
  • /themes
    • /2-col-portfolio
      • /forms
        • section.2-col-portfolio-footer.txp
        • section.2-col-portfolio-head.txp
        • section.2-col-portfolio-navigation.txp
        • section.2-col-portfolio-paginationtxp
      • /img
        • TXP-XX-Y.png (different sized logos)
      • /pages
        • 2-col-portfolio.txp
      • /styles
        • 2-col-portfolio.css
      • index.html
      • README.md
    • /bootstrap
      • /css
      • /fonts
      • /js

Sites using this theme

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  • iHype – Don’t drink the Kool-Aid