TXP Make

PHP in templates is so last decade

Ze Plan

Picture Tattoo exclaiming “Ze Plane, Ze Plane” from the top of the tower.

Current TXP users need not apply

Let me put to rest the notion that I want to take away current TXP users. If you’re running TXP now, and you’re happy, then keep on trucking. I’m not looking to thin the ranks of loyal TXP users, that’s not in the plans. Honestly, you’ll not feel at home with the changes I have in store.

Former TXP users will be courted

Those users that at one time were running TXP, and are now running WordPress, will be contacted. The We Love TXP Archive serves as a good starting point. Heck, I’ll even convert their current WP theme to a TXP Theme for free, if they promise to make the switch. Operators are standing by.

100,000 new users per year

They say, whoever they are, that every day there are 100,000 new WP sites launched. I’m not greedy, I’ll be happy with 100,000 new TXP CMS installs per year. Slow and steady wins the race, and I’m in no particular hurry, you do realize that we’re only in the Internet’s infancy.

1 million new users in 10 years

100,000 new users per year for 10 years equals 1 million new users, that sounds about right. By 2026, I plan to have 1 million TXP CMS installs. WP may have close to 100 million sites currently, I’m cool with 1% of that pie, we can all get along just fine, it’s a big world wide web.

Smiles, everyone, smiles!

With a smile, WordPress is dog slow compared to TXP. PHP 7 is coming none too soon for the WP crowd, but if PHP 7 makes WP faster, it will make TXP lightning quick. I came across a WP hosting service the other day that charges per visitors, you heard that right, their service is limiting the amount of people that can view your WP site. Damn, that sounds like a limitation being capitalized on.

To the last, I will grapple with thee

Yeah, I know, Khan said that, and we were in Fantasy Island mode, but Ricardo was such a versatile Hispanic actor. Anyway, it’s open season on WordPress in these here parts. The Themes featured here have quite a lot less code than a comparable WP Theme, and they are much easier to understand and modify for an end-user. No wonder WP designers are making a killing, their themes are so convoluted, I’d even have qualms making modifications.

Soft Corinthian leather

There’s Ricardo again, pitching us that vinyl is leather. WordPress is overkill for the vast majority of the Proudly Powered crowd, they just don’t know any better. I plans to educate them.