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PHP in templates is so last decade

We've moved

Don’t you just hate it when your feeds disappear?

What’s in a TLD?

The TXP Blog has moved from TXPTag.com to TXPTag.net, the Themes were left alone, hope they’re doing fine. The blog just didn’t fit over there anymore, and it’s easier to deal with Themes without live content getting in the way. This way I can mold the articles and images just for display purposes.

Content lost and found

Over the last 10 years, many of my sites have been born from sections of others. Take this here site, born in under an hour, with content ready to go. But the content was over there, what do we say to the web spiders now? How about, spider again, and this time get the freaking titles right.


I remember the first time I entered content into a text area being drawn by a PHP program, keyed in some sentences, then hit save. Clicked view my site, and there they were, like magic! Spent years trying out all kinds of systems, then found pMachine, loved it, but due to licensing issues, I moved on.


When I came upon Textpattern, I thought Rick Ellis was a former core dev, his template tags had a similar feel to TXP Tags. It just felt like I was using pMachine, but an Open Source version.

Were I not introduced to pMachine’s tag system, I might of tried Textpattern and moved on, like so many try it for a few days, then on to the next one. But seeing a similar pattern in the templates tags, made me stick it out, despite the spartan look.

Do you like your new home?

It’s OK, looks like the other place, but less crowded. Them Themes, they’re a partying crowd, up all hours of the night, downing beers, then coffee to wake them up. Loud music all the time, hopefully I’ll get some sleep now, got bags under my eyes.