TXP Make

PHP in templates is so last decade

TXP Planet

The Planet site, where it feeds from, feels awkward at present.

What’s-a behind me is not important

When I launched the TXP Planet site back in 2006, things were a bit different. Now that I’m heading out on my own, it feels strange keeping up with Textpattern related activities.

Of the feeds I maintain, the Forum and GitHub are the only truly active feeds. The Blog, Tips and Mag are static, with the Resources bringing up the rear. Other than the sprinkling of posts on the support forum, and the weekend code submissions, it’s Themes and We Love TXP that are the most active.

Excuse-a one moment

Aside from the feeds, I maintain links to anything I’ve come across in the TXP world in my Googling, like Twitter, Google+, and so on. These links have to be checked every week in order to make sure they haven’t disappeared, like so many properties that have gone AWOL over the last 9 years.

There’s an hourly cron job that refreshes the feeds, so when you pay a visit, the page loads from cached content. The cron job let’s me know if there are issues, many fires have been put out over the years.

She’s a-fulla gas, she’s-a wait for you!

The Planet site is not going away, I’m just contemplating turning it inwards, pointing it exclusively towards the TXP Family of sites. Unless I get an email from an official TXP developer in the next week, telling me that’s it’s alright to continue what I’m doing, the Planet site will shift-a focus.