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PHP in templates is so last decade

Over the Rainbow

Then close your eyes, and tap your heels together three times.

Munchkin City

The mention of themes on the planet feeds landed me back at the forum. I decided to get back into the swing of things after having taken 4 years off from the world of dynamic content software. I had been active online, entering content, maintaining my sites, and so forth, just not paying attention.

Themes was back on the radar, so I created the hcg_themes plugin utilizing the agreed upon Theme naming scheme. Used the Textpattern 4.5.7 default theme to test the plugin, did the same process for the 4.6.0 default theme. Phil, with his usage of HTML5 Boilerplate, piqued my interest in frameworks.

The Yellow Brick Road

So I read glossy reviews, and in-the-trenches experiences using frameworks. Visited all their websites, viewed the docs, and sought themes and templates made from their framework. The one I preferred for my particular skill set was Bootstrap, introduced on March 21, 2011, around the same time I tuned out.

Made my first mobile-friendly Theme, the 2 Col Portfolio, used it on TXP Planet. Went down the line and did the 3 Col Portfolio, used that one on We Love TXP. Then the 4 Col Portfolio gave TXP Tags a fresh new responsive look. This was just too easy, am I the only that’s on this road?

Happens that I was not alone. Phil showed interest in Bootstrap 3 years ago, setup a GitHub repository last year. 2 years ago a user named whaleen setup another repository, Pete Cooper followed 2 weeks later with 2 of his own. There are currently six Textpattern + Bootstrap related GitHub repositories.

The Great and Powerful Oz

Textpattern distinguishes itself from the pack with it’s template tags, shielding you from the underlying PHP code, something WordPress rubs in your face.

Bootstrap shields you from the CSS and JavaScript, everything is pre-built for you, thoroughly tested by thousands of individuals.

Clicking them together 3 times, made me realize, that I was home.

The dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.