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e107 Bootstrap CMS

e107, a CMS that’s been around since 2002, goes Bootstrap.

Strap my boots on

On September 2, 2015, e107 v2.0 Bootstrap CMS was released.

Now I have a project to gauge my work, see what they did in the last year to bring their project to release. Even the e107 admin has gone through some innovations, this is getting better by the day.

I guess I’m not the only one drinking the kool-aid.

My old buddy

e107 was one of those systems I kicked the tires on early in my search for a PHP content management system. It was in the final running with Nucleus CMS, don’t quite remember why I went with Nucleus instead of e107, they were both capable back in the day.

What a find

This afternoon I was going through the projects at PHPCrossRef, determining what cross-references needed updating, when I came upon the new and improved e107.

I just had to spread the news, cause that’s what Open Source projects do, they help each other.

Here’s to the success of e107, may we all flourish together.