TXP Make

PHP in templates is so last decade


Installing a new template will be as easy as uploading a new folder to your website, going into Extensions / Templates and picking from a drop-down list.

hcg_templates is a modified version of mcw_templates. The _templates folder was moved from the /textpattern directory to the web root directory. This facilitates developing templates now and into the future, with no worries about the Textpattern core files moving or being protected with an .htaccess file, thus breaking your design.


  • Import a complete template set – Pages, Forms and Style.
  • Export your templates for archive purposes or offline editing.


hcg_templates-0.3.txt (Textpattern 4.2.0 and below)
hcg_templates-0.4.txt (Textpattern 4.3.0 and above)


  1. Create the /_templates folder on your web space.
  2. Make the /_templates folder writable by the web server.
  3. Install hcg_templates via Admin / Plugins.