TXP Make

PHP in templates is so last decade

What are Packages?

Packages are complete Textpattern installations for specific purposes and/or markets.

A Package would start off with a branch of Textpattern, throw a Theme on it, add some Plugins, and make the necessary configuration settings, like adding sections.

Who makes these packages?

Well you pick:.

  • What kind of site are you setting up? What do you want it to look like? Any extra features, we have specials on scrolling news tickers, how about a photo gallery?

We assemble them:

  • This is where a small core like Textpattern shines, even after adding a theme, some plugins, and making customizations to the package, the distribution continues to remain small, since most additions happen to the database, the source tree is hardly touched.

The Package is shipped with source code, database, and accompanying documentation.

Note: Packages are not forks, think of meta-packages in Debian.