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PHP in templates is so last decade

The default form

Every single time you go to the forms panel, there’s the default form.

Have a cookie

The default page and style is determined by the default section, thanks to me that brought it up on the forum and Mary that implemented it. But there’s that default form staring at me in the face every single time I click on the forms panel. It’s annoyed me like forever, yet it doesn’t seem to bother anyone else.


Early on, in my Textpattern life, I was naive, very. Now I truly understand how the majority of current users use Textpattern, headless. Most web designers, those that use Textpattern as a tool, never venture into Pages, Forms and Styles other than to check that the import worked. They live in text editors, the default form never rears it’s ugly head on them.

Heck there was talk the other day on the forum about using some mechanism to populate articles, throw out the write panel also.

A web based CMS

Here’s an article from 2009, Switch to WordPress from Textpattern.

WP now has an much more attractive and friendlier Admin interface than TXP, in this aspect, WP did a better job than TXP, at least, as a front-end web designer, nothing better than working on an elegant and easy-to-use user interface, I think.

How many people blew us off because of an outdated interface?

Necessity is the mother

What I need is a nice looking interface to stare at, and that it facilitates my workflow. I use text editors, even have an IDE window open all the time, but I do my fiddling around in the Textpattern administration screens. I’m so much quicker prototyping a website using the textareas, because I approach it as a programmer, not a designer.

This week, I’m finally going to do something about the default form.

Don’t wannna discuss it
Think it’s time for a change