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The Core Way

Destry Wion
Oct 15, 2015

I’m sure once +Stef Dawson’s theme “engine” stuff is released in core (4.6, but maybe 4.7) and the community starts producing themes under the “core” way of things, it will become more clear where the preferred themes repo will be. The supposed placeholder is at themes.textpattern.com, which certainly reads better from a brand and usability standpoint.

Please point me to the official “core way” for producing themes, I’ve been searching for the past 8 years, and had no success.

But until there’s an actual theme engine in core, and subsequently an indication where the core team might like to house themes designed the core way, I don’t see any reason not to use TXP:themes (despite the poor branding).

Poor branding, ever heard of WooThemes or DIYthemes, guess not.

In that case, however, be prepared for a big ruckus if core decides TXP:themes isn’t suited to being the final themes repo. The crystal ball says that’s going to piss the site owner off. However, if he’s made part of the themes site management process, and understandably so, he might like that and be more accommodating. So says the crystal ball.?

TXP Themes does not want to be the official repo, go build your own.