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PHP in templates is so last decade

Textpattern, still my favorite

On my ninth year of using Textpattern, nothing else appears on the horizon to challenge that.

Not that there aren’t able bodied content management systems, there’s just something about TXP that separates it from the CMS crowd. I’ll admit that TXP is an acquired taste, getting your head around Template Tags and Textile takes some time, but once you’re over the learning curve, building websites and writing content becomes a most pleasurable experience.

Maybe we should label TXP the Twitter of Content, since these days most people don’t have the time to write a blog post, 140 characters is all they can give of themselves. Did it ever occur to anyone that the backends of some of these CMS and Blogs, loading up all kinds of heavy JavaScript libraries to make it easier to put words into textareas, is turning people off?

Well my TXP backend, or the TOC, loads up super fast, I’m typing away and entering content before the browser knows what hit it. I don’t have to click on toolbars to alter text properties or hyperlink any text to a web address. It’s just head down hands on keyboard, entering my thoughts into a textarea, without the need for fancy bloated toolbars.

Like I said, it’s an acquired taste, like coding in Vim or Emacs vs a GUI. I’ll forgo all the fancy nuances for speed any day of the week. That’s why no matter what CMS or Blog I load up on my local server to give it a whirl, I’m back at TXP the next day entering content.