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Textpattern Planet

My new favorite branch of Textpattern is Phil’s admin-layout-update branch, with the tag builder gone, making way for larger text areas for Pages and Forms, it’s a delight to work with. So I’ve been busy making Themes, juggling, copying, pasting, saving, F5ing on view tab.

The first Theme I’ve decided to let out the gate, to prove the relative ease of converting a template to a TXP Theme, is the 2 Col Portfolio for Bootstrap.

Equally trivial was to take the starter 2-col-portfolio Theme and help TXP Planet gain passage into the Mobile Friendly world, for the times they are a-changin’.

With Google announcing on April 21, that they were rolling out the mobile-friendly update, I’ve been itching to get all my sites mobile friendly. The combination of Phil’s work on the backend admin, coupled with his responsive design of the default theme, and Firefox Developer Edition landing on the Mozilla FTP server, was the perfect storm of innovations to inspire me.

TXP Planet, what can I say, I still don’t believe I did it after pulling an all-nighter. The aha moment hit me around 4 in the morning, the 2-col-portfolio Theme and the Planet site grabbed me and didn’t let me go until 2 this afternoon.

In the pipeline is the WordPress Twenty Fifteen Theme, but that’s a special one, a wiki page tutorial on the steps I take in the conversion process will accompany the theme’s release.

Time for a Stella ;)