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Textile vs. Markdown

Ben Balter

Ben Balter responding to Phil Wareham on the reasoning why GitHub Pages will no longer support Textile.


The Textpattern forum discussed the situation.

Stef Dawson


A shame. I’m not convinced the lack of development is a sound enough reason for them to be dropping it, though. I mean, it’s a markup language. Short of bug fixes, and any new tags that make sense introduced by the W3C, what is there to develop? Making the parser faster maybe? Better regexes? Nothing else really jumps out at me, as it’s a mature product.


From what I can see, Markdown isn’t exactly aggressively developed in terms of new versions springing up like WordPress. And the standardisation process went tits up due to a naming feud, though may still gain traction one day. It’s just that GitHub push it as default so more people use it, which eventually creates a self-fulfilling prophecy of it becoming the dominant system.

Michael Pate

The issue is not with Github – that supports Textile. The issue is not with Jekyll – that supports Textile. The issue is that Github Pages no longer supports Textile.


GitHub, a collaborative front end to Git, a version control system that is used for software development and other version control tasks.

Software development, an endeavor that I’ve been on for 33 years. Full of algorithms, what-ifs, multitasking, new paradigms, it’s a work in progress.

GitHub et al. decided to remove a preference that may confuse me.

GitLab will hold my repositories from now on, thanks Ben.

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