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PHP in templates is so last decade

Stardate 979.01

Week dos farther down the road.

The power supply in Lenovo blew on Tuesday

It was inevitable, it was only 280w and I’ve added display cards and drives to it, I was living on the edge. Quick trip to Best Buy, got a 400w, slid right in, hooked it all up, got extra power for an SSD drive. I was all backed up, could continue working on laptops had the power supply taken out others with it, but I was hammering along on Lenovo. Slid the tower into my desk, hooking it back up into the matrix, or at least that’s how it felt, fingers crossed, hit the power. Built like a tank, we back in business.

We love TXP has new inhabitants

Google is my friend, he directed me to a Pinterest page with TXP sites, so I added them. What a pain it is to deal with the interface if you’re not a member, but I got 11 new sites to grace our pages. I’m really enjoying seeing how people use the software, because at the end of the day, it’s about the CMS. Saw jQuery, Bootstrap, Fonts galore, you name it, it’s more than just HTML and CSS being served up by TXP.

Themes, this here site you’ve happened upon

Bootstrap has proven to be an interesting direction to take, had Phil not based the default theme on HTML5 Boilerplate, I might of never ventured towards frameworks. In keeping with the Zen of TXP, our sites were just plain HTML and CSS, no heavy scripts for us. But I can see the merits of letting someone else deal with my content displaying properly on any device accessing the World Wide Web.

Week dos closing thoughts

What can I say, couple an agile CMS with a kick-ass framework, learn the ropes, and you too can go down the road. Own your content, it’s your alphabet soup.