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PHP in templates is so last decade

Stardate 9716.03

Week tres, the presence, the structures are in place.

The Sounds of Silence

Peter and I were exchanging emails on Tuesday discussing the new look of the Template Tags. During this exchange, Peter decides to make a forum post giving a shout-out to my work of late. A short time after Peter’s forum post, Textpattern went dark, internal server error.

For two hours, I saw the different Textpattern properties slowly re-emerge, the main site was first, followed by resources, txpmag and so on, the forum came in last. There must of been a catastrophic hardware failure that wasn’t caught on time. The eerie sounds of silence on a Tuesday afternoon.

The Presence

We’re done, the structures are in place, mobile-friendly throughout, my tablet thanks me. Now it’s time to finish up with the content, more Bootstrap themes here, updated thumbnails for We Love TXP, and enhance the template tags with more examples.

This site is using the default TXP 4.5.7 theme, before that it was the trusty 4.4.1 default look. I have to make changes to accommodate themes, so I’m thinking of Bootstrapping the home page, but I’m partial to this yellow look. Maybe I’ll take the yellow and apply it to all the sites, the top navigation menu in TXP admin classic yellow, nostalgic are we now.

That don’t put food on the table

My wife always says to me, “That don’t put food on the table”, whenever I’m working on code that’s not for a customer. But open source stopped being a hobby a number of years ago, this here is a business.

I have a secretary who answers the phone and keeps me under budget. I have a lunch lady who makes me sandwiches and brews frothing espressos to keep me awake. I have a personal assistant who brings me a cold one in the afternoon and handles walking the Mook.

We’re a small business, run from our home with love.

Open since 1989.

Week tres closing thoughts

The kids are hungry.