TXP Make

PHP in templates is so last decade

Stardate 971.01

Week one down the forking road.


  • txpcms.com – Thumbnails provide the context.
  • txpcms.net – FluxBB, not mobile friendly as of yet.
  • txpcms.org – DokuWiki, the development wiki is on Jessie.

TXP Themes

  • txptag.com – 5 Bootstrap themes ready to go, more in the wings.
  • txptag.net – The marketing department.
  • txptag.org – Template Tags, ooh, can’t wait to play with this one.

TXP Planet

  • txplanet.net – Feeds working great, the resources site went offline today.

We Love TXP

  • welovetxp.com – Made my first new look submission today, looks great on my tablet in portrait mode. Peter went through them all and sent me a list of the dead-end sites, I’ll be putting them into a “Past” category with hyperlinks deactivated. The active sites will have their thumbnails updated to the new 700×400 png format. Categories are being refined.

Week one closing thoughts

Dean Allen called it Textpattern, he didn’t call it Designpattern.

Content is king, irregardless of how and where it displays.

Bert out.