TXP Make

PHP in templates is so last decade

Stardate 10825.61

Week 61, six weeks back in the grind, got my legs back.

It is certain

Updated all my web apps to their latest versions, footers © 2016. Bootstrap 3.3.7 and jQuery 1.12.4 now power the responsiveness across all of the TXP dynamic sites. Mirrored the VPS to my local VM, in case of tits-up.

It is decidedly so

Re-arranged the TXP Tags site, leaned it towards mobile usage. Added new Textpattern 4.6.0 tags and updated any tags that have had changes to my local copy, should be up soon.

Working on adding to TXP Themes and updating the existing themes with newer code. Debating on prettifying the Page sources, it may look better with indented code blocks, but it’s a pain to work with them in a textarea.

Without a doubt

With 25 TXP sites in production, it was time to look into a multi-site solution. Got it working really well locally, should be ready to roll out for Textpattern 4.6.1. On a side note, 25 dynamic TXP sites put very little strain on my server, the VPS can handle a lot more at it’s present configuration.

Speaking of TXP 4.6.1, thanks for fixing the textareas in the Forms panel, my wheel mouse thanks you. Which begs the question, eat your own dog food?

Outlook good

TXP, an acronym for Textpattern, is banned from use at the official docs site. Also banned from the official docs site is the use of Textile, what a shame.

Speaking of Textile, Ben Balter replied to my email, says he’s sorry, so am I.

TXP Docs is coming along nicely behind closed doors, all original content from my perspective, a long time end user.

Magic Eight Ball

Que sera, sera
Whatever will be, will be
The future’s not ours to see