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PHP in templates is so last decade

GitHub is ablaze

“A successful company always needs to improve and adjust to changed market environments.”

Those are the words of Mr. Ruud van Melick on his LinkedIn page.
(It appears I linked to the wrong van Melick, sorry Ruud, it has been corrected)

Mr. van Melick is a Textpattern core coder who isn’t officially a TXP developer, yet he’s on a tear of late on GitHub. The pull requests are amazing to see, here we have a solitary developer who’s checking off the TXP wishlist one by one.

For his work, his adherence to adjusting to changed market environments, I’ve made Ruud an official TXP developer on the TXP Planet site.

Mr. van Melick, I have a job for you, the hours are flexible, attire is pajamas, and we have afternoon beer breaks by the backyard pond. Drop me a line, let’s make a difference.

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