TXP Make

PHP in templates is so last decade


We all arrive from different places and at at different times

My journey down the framework rabbit hole led me to Bootstrap, and the 2 Col Portfolio template, which was perfect for two of my sites.

Putting in Textpattern template tags where needed in the 2 Col Portfolio Theme proved rather simple, then I saw there were thirty plus more at Start Bootstrap. I started downloading more themes, copy/pasting them into a Page and then assigning it a section.

Before I knew it I had a test site with different looks in each section, each controlled by 1 Page and 1 small Style with overrides. I could have one of those fancy front pages covered in an image where you swipe down to enter my domain, I thought. My portfolio section would make great use of the 2 Col Portfolio template I just downloaded and converted, said I

All of a sudden it was like I was in control, total control

Even though I’ve used Textpatten for almost 10 years, I still hadn’t quite got the hang of Cascading Style Sheets. I could modify a template to fit my needs, but having a total picture in my head of the whole design structure and inheritance in the cascade, no, I just poked here and there. What’s added to my confusion is that every web developer does and names things differently.

But now I feel in control, I can grab a structured page theme or a grid layout template and sprinkle it with template tags, instant f*cking site I exclaimed!

The 35 Themes and Templates available at Start Bootstrap will eventually make their way here. From those 35 will come more as they start fiddling with each other and new ones are born.

We’re not creating Themes here in the traditional sense anymore, we’re creating structures.

The old fashioned Theme Garden, with pages and pages of similar looking themes with just different colors and sizes of content areas is no more. It’s so over.

My, how times have changed.