TXP Make

PHP in templates is so last decade


The terminology formerly known as Forms.

Now that I have a month under my belt working with the Bootstrap framework, I have a really good picture in my mind of how to design an admin area to take advantage of said framework.

Looking back at my last forum post, I might of pissed off some web developers, especially the part about copy/pasting immaculately indented code. Let me explain, if you use Textpattern as a rendering engine, because you live in TextMate, then Themes aren’t your bag.

The whole TXP presentation section could vanish and the TextMate crowd could care less, right? Let me see a show of hands, who cares that Form Types adds confusion for new TXP users? I know it did for me, for months, until I realized it brought absolutely nothing to the proceedings.

Forms are history in my universe, say hello to Components. Handing someone a website and allowing them to alter Components, to change an address, or a phone number, or update the picture of Betty Lou from accounting whose lost a lot of weight, has merit, no?

Permissions need to be re-examined, Components need to be broken away from Pages and Styles, the Themes. The Theme may be locked in, but you can give access to the header and footer to your client. This allows more flexibility in designing a site, that is if you use TXP as it’s intended.

Talking about immaculately indented code, how do you make changes to a site? Do you space 14 times to get to that indented block of ifs, or do you copy/paste the Page into your text editor, make your changes, and then back to pasting it into the Presentation tab, and then hit save?

The Zen of TXP, totally gone over the head of some people I guess.