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Change the Look

Spent the day visiting Textpattern sites.

My desire to finish up We Love TXP is driven mostly by curiosity. Where are they now, of those sites still running TXP, and where did they go, of those sites still rendering.

The process is simple, visit the site and see if it still runs Textpattern. A smile comes to my face every time I hit a yellow login screen. 404 on /textpattern, then view source to see what’s up.

Spotting a WordPress site is simple, seen a few other systems, the rest mainly reverted back to HTML, CSS and plenty of JavaScript. Of the Textpattern sites that changed over to WordPress, their designs were just run-of-the-mill Themes. Yes, there were sites that took it to another level, but mainly it was someone wanting to change the look.

Today I visited 84 sites, 53 of them became thumbnails. We Love TXP was handed to me with 1086 sites, 425 are currently archived. The archives are comprised of 358 sites that Peter found issues with, 36 that I flagged in the database, and the 31 that have moved on.

577 sites left on the wall, if one happens to fall, 576 sites left on the wall.