TXP Make

PHP in templates is so last decade


  • Fork me on GitHub

    Almost a decade has passed since I came upon Textpattern, this wonderful CMS, such a thrill it’s been to create sites with it.


  • Frameworks

    Continuing my journey down the framework rabbit hole led me to Bootstrap, and their 2 Col Portfolio template, which was perfect for two of my sites.


  • Textpattern Planet

    With Google announcing on April 21, that they were rolling out the mobile-friendly update, I’ve been itching to get all my sites mobile friendly.


  • Who is Donald Swain?

    On Wednesday, we mark 10 years of Donald Swain commenting “I enjoy your site very much”. But who is this Mr. Donald Swain, and why was he picked as the very first commenter on Textpattern?


  • Where's Dean?

    My hope is that we either gain ownership of the domains from Dean, or we just register a new set of domain names and put redirects at the old ones.


  • The We Blog Comment

    Back in 1998, when commenting on blogs started to take off, the web was a different place. Blog comments were friendly, hey I like your site, or super nice pasta recipe. Then the bots started coming around, first they were robotic, programmed, then they were human, paid.


  • Themes, Templates, Packages?

    So here we are, looking at Textpattern themes anew, with fresh eyes. Themes are slated to be introduced in the next Textpattern version, the details are still being ironed out.